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The Technology House is a leader in product development utilizing engineering and rapid prototyping services of 3D printing to provide concept design to prototype model for all industries.

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Rapid prototyping is a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly using three-dimensional computer aided design data. [1] [2] Construction of the part or assembly is usually done using 3D printing or " additive layer manufacturing " technology.Application areas·

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Prototype Projects in-house SLA prototyping facilities. Prototype Projects operates a suite of SLA rapid prototyping machines (one of which is dedicated to medical device prototyping) working round the clock, giving us the capacity to produce parts quickly and cost effectively with no compromise on build quality.

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SLA Prototyping. Our Star Rapid SLA services allow you to make 3D printed parts and prototypes in a range of plastics. Prototypes made using this service can be used for engineering testing or as master models for polyurethane vacuum casting molds.

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Rapid Prototype is a multi-faceted, full-service source for innovative rapid prototyping services and short-run manufacturing. Established in 1994, Rapid Prototype Company is an affiliate of Suburban Tool, Inc., a machine tool accessories and inspection equipment manufacturer for over 40 years.

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Click to view2:11Sep 20, 2007· An informative video that teaches the basic technology of StereoLithography Apparatus (SLA) prototyping. Produced by Tangible Express the largest 3D Systems SLA service provider.Author: TangibleExpress

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AN-PROTOTYPE has been engaged in rapid prototyping for 15 years, helping too many designers to turn their ideas into reality. Most of the conceptual prototype of the design has been successfully put into the market and has achieved good benefits.

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Jul 15, 2010· A video explaining the process of producing parts using the rapid prototyping process of stereolithography (SLA) by model making and prototyping experts IDC Models.

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China cnc rapid prototyping China design a prototype China rapid prototype sample China cnc prototype mold China laser rapid prototype China prototype in metal Dongguan Hongkui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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What Is Stereolithography? Stereolithography (SLA) is regarded as the original 3D printing process still widely used today for creating concept models, master patterns for urethane casting, one-off presentation models, and complex parts with intricate geometries.

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Bohao Prototype is a newly fast growing rapid prototyping company in china, which provide high quality rapid prototypes and plastic injection molding services. One-stop station for your CNC machining, vacuum casting, SLA and SLA and injection molding projects.

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SLA prototype: Resolution of SLA rapid prototyping varies from 0.05mm to 0.15mm with the industry average tolerance around 0.1mm. SLS prototype:similar SLA tolerance. If a customer needs a tight tolerance in a particular area, they can specify this in a 2D …

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Stereolithography (SLA) is one of the more versatile additive manufacturing technologies and goes by many names including SLA prototyping, optical fabrication, photo-solidification, solid …

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Again, rapid prototyping is used in the development of both physical and nonphysical products. For example, in software development, Rapid Application Development (RAD) uses rapid prototyping as an alternative to the traditional, sequential “waterfall” method of software development.

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The veteran of all additive technologies, Stereolithography is known as the original 3D printing process for producing rapid prototypes and show models since 1989. This process (commonly referred to as SLA) utilizes a UV laser that cures parts one layer at a time in a photo-reactive epoxy resin.

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Rapid Prototype is a multi-faceted, full-service source for innovative rapid prototyping services and short-run manufacturing. Established in 1994, Rapid Prototype Company is an affiliate of Suburban Tool, Inc., a machine tool accessories and inspection equipment manufacturer for over 40 years.

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Rapid Prototyping Service At Star Rapid, we specialize in the production of high-quality, low-cost prototypes. With a range of technologies and services, we are the perfect one-stop-shop for all your prototyping needs.

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Rapid prototyping is the method to make the first product base on 3D data, we mainly use CNC machining, 3D printing, vacuum casting to create high quality parts with multi-finishing at low cost.

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At TEAM Rapid, we offer SLA and SLS prototype in a variety of plastic materials. Check out the Differences Between SLA & SLS and choose the suitable process. 3D Printing is Commonly Applied in Rapid Prototyping Services China

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These SLA systems are capable of producing rapid prototype parts with high detail and accuracy. Urethane Castings API manufactures urethane parts from silicone molds, using a master prototype to develop the mold.

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RAPID PROTOTYPE MODELING SYSTEMS Stereolithography: SLA 250 & SLA 5000. The SLA machine continues to offer class leading accuracy and greater freedom of …

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Case3)Name: SLA Prototype As An Exhibition. The computer controls the laser according to the information of each layer of the parts in the liquid photosensitive resin surface point by point scanning, the scanned area of the resin thin layer to produce photopolymerization curing, forming parts of a thin layer.

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Stereo Lithography (SLA) uses an additive fabrication method where a UV-sensitive photopolymer resin is cured by a laser to build parts a layer at a time. Parts are traced by the laser beam on the surface of the photopolymer, causing it to cure and solidify the prototype layer.

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